Action Alert

Future of the forage base is on the line
Voice your support for a change in the management of menhaden

One of the first lessons anglers learn is to find the fish you must first find the bait.  A healthy forage base is critical to both the health of important gamefish such as striped bass and king mackerel, and to overall fishing success.  A healthy forage base leads to healthy fish populations.For decades, menhaden have been managed like virtually every other marine species – as a single species – rather than for its critical role in the marine ecosystem as a whole. After years of work by CCA and many other groups in the angling community, we now have a chance to change that short-sighted management philosophy.

At a special meeting in November, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission will finalize a management plan that will either recognize the critical ecological role that menhaden play in the marine environment, or continue current practices that will soon allow sizeable increases in commercial harvest.

Between now and the final decision, conservationists have an opportunity to make their voice heard at a series of public hearings on Amendment 3 to the Menhaden Management Plan. To help conservationists prepare to comment on this vital issue in person, CCA has prepared an ANGLER’S GUIDE on this complicated amendment on the options that best serve the needs of the marine environment. If you cannot attend a hearing, online comments are also being accepted – click the link below to send a message to your state’s ASMFC commissioners.

This is a watershed moment years in the making that will determine how one of the most important fish in the marine food chain will be managed in the future. Please take a few moments to urge managers to manage menhaden for the future.

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