Illegal to Tow Cobia & Striped Bass

Towing Fish: there was a fairly large public outcry against towing striped bass. There were also reports of boats sight-fishing for cobia dragging their one big fish along behind them. So, there was a proposal to make towing (engine running and in gear) striped bass and cobia illegal. The engine in gear thing was to not affect anglers paddling kayaks with a fish on a stringer or boats at anchor or drifting. Then the proposal became to not allow towing of any fish but….we troll live bait (power drifting for flounder, slow trolling bunker for kings and so on). Ok, so not allow towing any fish with a bag limit. Eels have a bag limit so this would make trolling eels for rockfish illegal. So, only fish with a bag limit less than 10 fish. Anyway, it ended up back to the initial proposal. It will now be illegal to tow striped bass or cobia behind a vessel with the engine running and in gear. 

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