VIMS, VMRC Caving to Commercial Interests

Gazette-Journal News and Information for Gloucester and Mathews, Virginia  Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bottom Line Up Front

…VIMS. Together with the VMRC, they decided to do a “study.” The cost was $98,806 and allowed four crab dredge boats to dredge for winter crabs, which are 95 percent impregnated female crabs. They could dredge for 42 days and catch 40 bushels per day. They could sell the crabs. One crab dredge boat moving at 5 mph for eight hours can destroy 40 miles of bay grass beds. Imagine what four boats can do to the grass beds in 42 days of dredging.

Read the letter by Dr. John B. Lapetina Sr. Former chairman, Fisheries Management,Virginia Marine Resources Commission

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